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Holy Fuck

Yes, well, Its been years since I was here. Dear god its been so. fucking. long.


Interveiw with oc's (not from my book)

1. Choose a few of your own characters. 
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag four people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!


1. How old are you?
Masquerade:Hmm... i'm not exactly sure....
Ningyo: how the fuck can you not know?
Masquerade: well excuse me for not being able to rember anything after massacaring my entire village.
Ningyo: i regret knowing you, you know that?
Kai-Lan: oh shut up both of you.
Shino: your giving me a head ach with your usless voice's echoing through my head!
Arashi: is no one ing to answer the question? *glares*
Ningyo: aww shut up Yukichi!
Arashi: *snorts* yeah right, oh suprior annoying one!
Ningyo: god damn humans!
Chi:....I am 15. my sister Arashi is 18.
Kai-Lan: i'm 21.
Ningyo: about seventeen.
Masquerade: about?
Ningyo: don't you start with me.....
Shino: i'm 18. now, can we move on?
Arashi: aww, Chi, i was gonna answer you know!

2. What's your height?
Masquerade: hmmm i'm about "5'6"
Ningyo: ha!! i'm taller than you! XP i'm "5'8"!!!
Shino: i don't give a crap, all i know is i'm about two inches taller than the short white haired one.
Kai-Lan: uh....i really don't care, nor do i know.
Arashi:"5'9" wow, chi you are short.
Chi: hey! i'm not that short!

3. Are you a virgin?
Masquerade: *starts babling in french.*
Ningyo: WTF? trying to hide something Masqu?
Masquerade: *voice changes* leave me the fuck alone you stupid brat.
Ningyo: ouch! personality change!
Arashi: :paranoid:
Shino: . . . mind your own fucking business.
Kai-Lan: for the moment.
Arashi: *spits out her juice* WHAAAAAAAAT!?!?!!?! I'M GONNA TURN FUCKING PINOCHIO INTO A FUCKING WOMAN!!!!!!!!
Chi: ah! no!!!! *grabs onto rabid older sister*
Ningyo: whoa!!!
Chi: one of you HELP ME!!!

4. Who's your mate/spouse?
Masquerade: .......
Ningyo: none of your business. ever.
Masquerade: *voice change* hehehehe!!!! Ningy-puu is in LO-OVE!!!!
Ningyo: shut up you spazz!
Chi: :paranoid:
Kai-Lan: *snorts* i don't fucking love anyone! no one! nope! no suree! i and i certinaly don't like that fucking detective with the hair!
Arashi: riiiiiiiiiiight.
Shino: i'm an exorcist, he's an exorcist. we're both Japanese, take a wild guess.

5. Do you have any kids?
Ningyo: :rofl: shea right!!!! the world would explode if me and D----. *mouth snap's shut*
Masquerade: you and WHO?
Ningyo: *folds arms* nope.
Shino: no, i don't.
Chi:...i don't think it's even possible.
Arashi: nope.
Kai-Lan: i'm only 21 years old you imbicels!

6. What's your favourite food?
Ningyo: hmmmm.... nope don't have one.
Masquerade: i love appples!
Kai-lan: i don't have a favorite food, but i do have a favorite drink. green-tea.
Shino: i don't really care what i eat, as long as it keeps me going and isn't too sweet.
Arashi: DANGO!!!! I love sweet things!
Chi: i like tempura Soba.

7. What's your favourite ice cream flavor?
Shino, Kai-Lan, Chi: we don't like sweet things.
Masquerade, Ningyo: the idiot sweet tooth doesn't leave anything  for us to eat.
Arashi: Chocolate.

8. Have you killed anyone?
Arashi: -snorts- i'm an S-Rank-Crimminal in the Akatsuki, what the fuck do you think i did?
Chi: same answer, then theres the whole insane blood lust issue i have....
Ningyo: no shit sherlock! i kill people for fun!
Masquerade: massacared entire village. hel-o?
Shino: if Akuma count.
Kai-Lan: _laugh_ hello? Kira's replacement! death note? ringing any bells morons?

9. Do you hate anyone?
Masquerade: hmmmm anyone i hate is dead.....:aww:
Ningyo: fuck yes! the entire fucking sience department! and fucking Cross!
Shino: the inspector, the mellenium Earl, the Noah,Choaji.
Kai-Lan:Light Yagami. my god, one shinigami hanging over my shoulder was enough!!
Chi: you've been hanging around Hidan too much Arashi....and i dislike Sakura to a certain extent...

11. What is your job?
Arashi, Chi: Akatsuki operatives.
Kai-Lan: Kira, and i'm in collage!
Shino, Masquerade: Exorcist's.
Ningyo: the fuck? i don't know, serial killer or something. i'm trying to end the world give me a break!

12. What do you do to relax?
Ningyo: torment the twins, and tyki.... and the rest of the family. kill people. stuff like that.
Arashi: i draw.
Chi: take apart Sasori's puppets.
Masqurade: play pranks, *voice change* kill things *voice change* take naps. *voice change* read
Shino: i spar with Kanda.
Kai-Lan: relax? pft! if i relax i'll end up dead.

13. Where would you rather be lost- in a deserted village in the middle of a haunted forest surrounded by undead cults, or in a desert dotted with ruins filled with gold but no available water source?
Msquerade: oooooooh the forest sounds fun!!!
Ningyo: your a freak of naure Masq.....
Shino: cross managed to stick me with some debts, desert obviously.
Kai-Lan: dead people? hmmmm. forest i guess.
Arashi: idoit. i'm from Kiri! f. o. r. e. s. t.
Chi: Sasori lived in suna, and i'd like some alone time with out a homicidal maniac hanging over our should..
Arashi: pft! look whose talking!

14. What are/were your parents like?
Masquerade: okay, who ever didn't murder their parent's raise your hand!
Kai-lan: *rases hand* wow.

15. Do you want to say something to your readers?
Masquerade: if your a Noah, don't let any inocence get in your blood stream. unpleasent experincess my freind!
Ningyo: first of all you need to---- OI! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM JASDEVI!!!!
Shino: never tell your parents that you see dead people or evil souls coming out of people unless you wan end up in an asylum like i did.
Arashi: stay the fuck away from my sister.
Chi: over protctive much?
Kai-Lan: don't bother feeding your shingami, unless you wanna it to be addicted to a legal substance.

Fade (sample from my book, cut.)

Carmen stared in horror as the clicking bone's reached for her, Her eye's widened as they closed around her, the finger's, the bleached white bone. The hand held her, all though in truth she couldn't have moved any way. she was too paralized by fear, too paralized by the realization that she had done this.

Ivy was this only beacuse she had ignored her warning. Her hand's clenched into fist's as she stared at the grinning skull, the bone had already begun to peal off in thin layer's. one sturdy impact and the skull would give way with the consistance of damp paper mache. Her breathing increased as she stared at the heart, exposed, open to the element's. it pulsed and quivered in a strange, almost alien way, and it looked hard, like meat that had gone bad. she could remember all to clearly, when her blade had peireced that heart, having no affect on her formere friend, however the extension of her arm had felt it, and the feeling had set her teeth on in, the same scratching a sea shell would. it had radiated through her very bone's, and filled her stomach with a sickening sensation.

"You...did me...something worse than a simple..death...."

Carmen flinched at the voice, it grated uncomfortably against her ear drum's.
Ivy was still there yet.

"You went against a taboo, you defied ...death, you ripped.... me out of limbo, and you  killed my soul....once my broken container... fade's, i will no longer exist."


"I hate... you. I... hate you ....Carmen, i hate you..... ihateyouihateyouihateyouihateyouihateyoui-"

A boot crunched down on the talking skull, and the last withered brown scrap's of flesh, and strand's of copper hair blew away. the skull collapsed in on itself, and Carmen was left staring at the person who had distroyed Ivy in the final, terible way, ceased her existance.

"WHY?!" she shreiked, suddenly angry.

She punched him as hard as she could, but her only stood there, waiting for her to tire.

she did, she colapsed with in minute's the prevous battle having affected her to much, she was too weak to stand.

He kneeled by her side, and patted ehr hand still saying nothing.  Blue eye's peircing, and standing out bright against the circil's under them. the insomniac with blood red hair watched as she cried, and did not attempt to comfort of touch the crying girl.

barely ten minute's passed of silence before she looked up at him.

"Konoyo....but...you're dead too... Everyone is.... why..why can't...you all just..."

she couldn't finish, beacuse she blinked once and the apparition of the dead man she loved dissapered.

every one was gone, and it looked like she was the only one left to go.

Idiot child. it's only another trick. Break the illusion!!!

Carmen opened her eye's and looked through the deep water's. she lay in the water a moment longer, nearly lulled back into a peaceful, eaternal sleep, filled with nightmares, when her attention was drawn back to her screaming lung's. she had barely an inch of water between her and the surface.

She broke freee, and took in a deep gasping breath of tainted air. she could still smell the fire, and the death, and she could feel many eye's upon her, many horrible unseen, fixed gaze's.

they would try and erase her. they would fail, beacuse she would not allow herself too.



no more would die beacuse of her screw up's.

no more.


Imagine a place where all the people on the ride's are really screaming,
A carnival where everythng is exactly what it seem's...
yet not at all....
The freak's that snarl and rattle their bar's,
Are Really trying to Escape,

A place were the sun wll never rise,
and falsly cheerful light's blink, and wink, and twinkle.
Please, try the Roller coster!
Strap in,
Put on your safty belt!
Feel the adrenalin rush as you crest the first large hill,
That horrible nearly pleasurable rush of horror,
when you suddenly begin you desent, down, down, down....
You reach the gate, but before you can un-belt, it start's again....
and Again...
And again....
it never stop's,
The horror grows....
you'll never need to ride another.....

Oh the carosal!
the lovely painted animal's,
How strange that none are horse's
But wolves....
Oh please ride!
please! please do!
Chose one!
have a seat, and laugh as you start to move!
As the music start's...
How odd that it sound's like screaming!
How strange....
Ponder it's fearful music as you too begin to scream,
Red fountain's spout and the once black wolf is strangly red.
What happened to the children riding?

Are you hungry yet?
Would you like some Candy apples?
Their ripe red flesh is so bright against the darkness,
Such pretty contrast.....

Oh but Look, Over there!
What are those shape's in the darkness?
the game booths!
you can stake what ever you wish for a prize!
and here they are worth so much more!
But then, The cost for losing is Higher still,
Would you like to see thouse who lost?

Let's visit the cage's,
where the smell of blood and rotting fleah is rich with in the air,
Mixing with the sent of popcorn and hot dogs,
Let's see the poor tortured soul's who lost worse than thier live's,
Let's watch as crowd's pass and laugh,
Eternally mocking....

The Carnival, please come and visit,
Oh Please do,
Red on Black,
Scream's and Jeer's,
Sickness and sweet,
And even sinful pleasure!
Please come visit us!

The Carnival, the Carnival,
The darkness beyond your reach,
Fesering in dark corner's,
We'll alway's be here,
Don't worry!
When You're weak,
we'll be waiting,
So you can have a little fun at our nice little Carnival.


when your passing me by
I see you
you see me
when your passing by
you catch a glimspe of another life
another world
when driving your car
the face's of others blur
for one instant you see...
all of them.
they don't see you,
they don't hide....
after all they're seen for a single second
and don't see you.
why hide from a stranger?
your just another blurred face.